How meditation can help your mind and body

Taking control of your own mental state is the first step to achieving complete peace of mind. Meditation is the perfect way to do this. It involves training yourself to alter the way you respond to experiences to produce outcomes that are conducive to happiness and well being, both mentally and physically. Meditation can significantly help reduce stress levels, recognise unhelpful thinking patterns, and help you to become more mindful.

If you’re searching for a way to travel while learning new skills in a beautiful environment, a meditation and kung fu holiday in Thailand could be the perfect choice for you. At Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat we offer the ideal solution for those seeking something new and fresh for their holiday. We cater to all international travellers, regardless of their experience level. We will guide and instruct you in traditional meditation techniques and help you to explore the world of martial arts to improve both the body and mind. Whether you’re experienced, a beginner or simply want to try something new, we offer a wide range of instruction and welcome visitors for both short and long visits.

We’re situated in a beautiful environment, surrounded by tranquil forested mountains that rise steadily over the horizon. On the other side, we overlook the Pai River Valley which is home to luscious farmland and many quaint villages. Our setting provides the peaceful atmosphere that our guests need to truly relax and immerse themselves in the amazing atmosphere and culture of Thailand. We’re able to accommodate guests throughout the year and you can still enjoy spectacular views regardless of the time of year. If you would like to know more about taking a kung fu holiday with us, please get in touch.