There is no story more fascinating than the story of Kung Fu.  It has fascinated generation after generation of people and even now, in our modern world, it continues to do so.  Part of the fascination is that the story is still unfolding and by joining a Kung Fu family such as Nam Yang we ourselves become part of the story and alter its course.  

Every version of the story is different.  The version that I tell here is what my teachers told to me, fleshed out with research that I have done and, of course, a great deal of personal experience.  

I made a very conscious choice to call this ‘the story of Kung Fu’.  Much of it is story, oral tradition, legend.  This is not a historical treatise backed up by evidence.  It is a faithful documentation of the history as told by Master Tan and his contemporaries.  It is certainly what they believed to be true.  Clearly there is some exaggeration in places – just as there is in most historical films!  But it does make for a good story.

It is going to take me a long time to tell this story so I will post a little more each month.  Remember that the story is ongoing.  After my time my senior students will take it over and shape its next chapter.  Maybe you will be one of them!

Part 1.  

The Origin Of Shaolin Kung Fu.

It is rare that the Chinese revere any foreigner but they have raised the Indian monk Bodhidharma to the status of a deity whom they call Tat Moh.  This one man is credited with beginning the tradition of martial arts as we know it, with creating Chan (Zen) Buddhism, and with introducing both shoes and tea to China! 


Chapter 1: Bodhidharma’s early life in India.

Chapter 2: Bodhidharma comes to china.

Chapter 3: Bodhidharma at the Shaolin Temple.

Chapter 4: Bodhidharma’s Final Years

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