Have the experience of a lifetime with Shaolin weaponry training

There are many aspects of Shaolin that intrigues and amazes people, from the dedication of its practitioners to the sheer skill that they display during activities. One of the most fascinating aspects of the art is the staggering array of weaponry and the unique ways it is employed.

From the iconic water carrier staff, to the blisteringly fast nine section chain whip, Shaolin weapons are recognisable at first sight. However, they are not just for show; they have been extensively employed in combat and warfare situations, including by the Chinese Army in World War 2.

We offer the experience of a lifetime at our Shaolin retreat, giving you the opportunity to train with these weapons. You will begin with the Shaolin staff and tan tow (Chinese broadsword) and, for those who stay longer, progress to weaponry such as double butterfly knives, hook spears, double thunder hammers, horse cutting knives and Monk’s crescents.

You will be taught the basics at first, such as how to wield the weapon and how to stand, following which you will be taught the traditional routines and a range of moves, strategies and target areas.

Training with these unique weapons, particularly double weapons, will provide a major boost to your co-ordination. Practising with weapons will also strengthen your muscles and tendons, and condition you to exert more power, helping you to feel much stronger after training than you were before. Training with heavier weapons can help you to develop better stability and balance.

As you can imagine, Shaolin weaponry training is one of the most popular parts of our syllabus. It offers exceptional fun and a great workout against the beautiful backdrop of the Pai River Valley.  When you are looking for a truly unique experience, we will gladly provide you with the facilities and staff to help you practise at our stunning Shaolin retreat.