Good health and long life from Chi Kung

Chi Kung is an ancient art of health maintenance and healing that originated thousands of years ago. It refers to air, life force, dynamic energy and cosmic breath as well as the work that is applied to a discipline. It is based on a series of repetitions of a precise set of movements that are designed to offer specific health benefits on various different levels.

Chi Kung is simple to master and extremely enjoyable to practise. Students discover its benefits the very first time they take part. Even a brief beginners’ session can have an invigorating effect, and when practised regularly it deeply strengthens the whole body. The digestive, nervous, respiratory, hormonal and musculoskeletal systems can all benefit from Chi Kung. Regular practise leads to improved sleep patterns along with better physical performance and unity of the body and mind.

Our bodies have pathways called vessels and meridians, and our chi circulates mainly through them in a daily cycle. Good health comes when our chi is moving around our bodies freely and perfectly balanced between yin and yang. A person must have a strong mind and body connection to recognise when their energy is imbalanced. Chi Kung focuses on meditation that enhances the connection with the internal body.

The exercises open the meridians and promote strong and successful circulation of the chi. Drawing in fresh chi from the earth and sky keeps our chi plentiful, and when we expel excess chi it is prevented from becoming too strong. Chi Kung is the perfect balance of meditation and exercise. It involves the gentle, slow and methodical movement of every joint, muscle, bone and organ. It is an effective exercise programme that is suitable for people of all fitness levels and ages. The most important requirements are fresh air and a skilled and qualified instructor.

We can offer a high quality Chi Kung holiday training course in beautiful Thailand, in the stunning Nam Yang mountain retreat. You will benefit from the finest facilities and instruction from world class masters of martial arts that speak English fluently. We teach the physical aspects of all our disciplines as well as embracing the philosophy and spirituality behind them.