Enjoy one of our short stay packages

Shaolin Kung Fu, otherwise known as shaolinquan, is one of the world’s most famous styles of martial arts. It conjures up images of Buddhist monks in orange robes training to solidify indomitable spirits and to hone their bodies. It is extremely intensive, requiring a lot of dedication and discipline, and is one of the largest schools of kung fu, covering a number of styles and techniques.

The school of shaolin is very much open to everyone who wants to improve themselves physically and spiritually. At Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat, we teach a number of different techniques and styles, covering the shaolin arts. Our extensive training will help to finely hone your body and your mind, and with our short stay packages, you can enjoy a fantastic holiday without having to commit too much time.

Your shaolin retreat is located within the Nam Yang Mountain Retreat in Pai, Thailand. Offering an excellent place for martial arts training and meditation, the surrounding Pai River Valley provides the perfect backdrop for your training. With the town of Pai only a five minute drive away, it certainly makes for the perfect place to stay when you wish to learn the principles of shaolin kung fu.

Our short stay packages range from one week to three months. During your one week stay, you will immerse yourself in shaolin kung fu and learn basic self defence, meditation, pushing hands and the basics of Sum Chien, an internal strength routine, amongst other techniques and lessons. Those staying two weeks can expect to learn additional skills including basic techniques with shaolin weapons and the fourteen step routine from the Sun Frost White Crane Internal Art. A one month stay will see you learn, in addition to the modules taught during your weekly stays, the full 66 steps of the Shuang Yang White Crane routine, more in-depth Chinese boxing tutelage, pushing and sticky hands, and the famous shaolin staff routine.

At three months, you will learn both staff and broadsword arts, you will  pass the second grading of the Tiger-Crane art with the possibility of the third. You will, essentially, become competent and knowledgeable in basic kung fu. When it comes to training, there is a lot of equipment to assist you, including a full selection of shaolin weaponry, stone locks, general’s poles, sand bags, punch bags and more.

During your stay, you can expect to be well looked after and you can expect your health, both physically and mentally, to improve considerably. For those looking for the perfect gap year experience, those who want to improve their health, or those who want a unique holiday where they can learn brand new skills in a stunning environment, our shaolin retreat offers you all that you need. You will be given expert tutelage by highly experienced instructors helmed by Master Iain Armstrong, a 1st disciple student of Master Tan Soh Tin and two time world champion.