Enjoy martial arts training in beautiful Thailand

Martial arts are a large and diverse art form. Everyone has different bodies, motivations and characters, which means that each individual person responds to martial arts training in their own unique way. Once a person understands the basic fundamentals, they are able to develop the skills to express themselves uniquely through martial arts and become proficient in every aspect.

At Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat, we offer specialised martial arts instruction at an idyllic location in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Our residential martial arts and meditation training retreat welcomes all students to learn any of the several forms of Chinese Kung Fu we teach for combat and self defence, along with meditation for health and vitality. We are the perfect choice for beginners and experienced students alike, as we have small class sizes which average 8 to 12 students. We do not believe in oversized classes as it is important that every student can benefit from every moment of the class and instruction.

We are perfectly situated to offer our students a peaceful location. The combination of beautiful views and inspiring atmosphere make our retreat an exquisite place to train and enjoy a martial arts holiday. We embrace authenticity and we teach real kung fu wisdom, spirituality, strategy and culture. Each of our instructors speaks fluent English and can communicate easily with students.

Along with comfortable surroundings complete with free Wi-Fi, a healthy and nutritious range of home grown foods, and world class instructors, we also welcome our students into a friendly and safe environment. A positive environment is conducive to a successful training and meditation experience. Furthermore, you will meet interesting new people and have the opportunity to form new friendships when you take a martial arts holiday with us.

Our training facilities have been designed to offer the ideal spaces. Our roofed area features side openings which allow the breeze to flow freely for optimal comfort in warmer temperatures. Our open training area offers sensational views and we also have a well equipped gym. With our competitive prices, unique location and masters of Shaolin Kung Fu and Chi Kung offering world class instruction we are the perfect solution for everyone wishing to engage in martial arts.