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If you want to feel better about yourself, there are few things that work better than doing a kindness.

Just now we are struggling to pay our bills.  Thailand closed entry to almost all foreigners in March 2020.  Our Retreat is intended mainly for people from outside Thailand and with the borders closed we have almost no students – so almost no income!  We have been surviving on Master Iain and Miss Pu’s family savings – these are running out.  Borders could be closed for a long time yet. If you are willing to help us survive this difficult period we will be very grateful.

Our Team
Four ways to help:

Our Team

Make a donation.

Become a patreon supporter.

Make a regular monthly donation.

There are a number of exclusive rewards available to our Patreon supporters – you can see full details here.

Help to fund a deserving student.

We are looking to create a win – win situation here.  Sometimes we have very deserving people wanting to train with us here but unable to save enough money to pay for their training.  So we intend to help them raise the money that they need.  This comes back to helping us when they pay for their courses.

Book your next stay in advance.

We are offering big discounts if you pay for your next stay in advance.  At the moment we have a 50% discount on our Kung Fu Lifestyle course.  This is perhaps the best course we have ever set up and involves access to our instructor training courses free of charge.  A minimum commitment of 9 months is needed.  We will be announcing shorter courses, still at discount, in the near future.  To keep updated please join our mailing list. 

Paying for your next training in advance will help us massively.  You do not even need to confirm dates in advance.  We give you total flexibility with dates – travel when you are ready and when borders are open.

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