Devoting your time to martial arts

Martial artists spend years perfecting their technique and learning new skills even if they don’t actively take part in grading or competition. It takes time to become proficient in any of the arts, even relatively simple ones that don’t involve complex strikes. Putting time and effort into learning will pay off. You’ll find learning a martial art boosts your health in many different ways, including improving your stamina, flexibility and balance.

In everyday life, it can be difficult to commit enough time to the martial arts to progress quickly. Many people who study an art will take one or two classes a week fitted in around their work, family and home schedule. This may restrict progress and can leave you covering the same ground multiple times. Even when you do progress, you may find that the sessions don’t move at the kind of pace you had hoped for.

If you want to commit more time to martial arts, a holiday at our qi gong retreat will provide you with the perfect opportunity. Without having to worry about other commitments, you will be able to completely throw yourself into training and engage in multiple sessions within a short space of time. On rest days you’ll be able to learn more about the culture behind the arts and talk to experienced experts about how you can improve. The experience can be incredibly rewarding.

We provide the perfect facilities for people from all around the world to come and train with us. We are based in Pai, in the north of Thailand, and offer a wide range of courses for our guests. Guests can stay with us for as long as they wish, whether days, weeks, months or even an entire year. Throughout their time they will learn from highly trained martial artists and will have their own training program.

Our retreat is a great place to learn, whether you are new to martial arts or already have experience. You’ll learn many different techniques and get to spend a lot of time training. You can set your own pace when you are visiting, but there are typically classes going on throughout the entire day. We try to keep each class small so that guests receive attentive tuition. If you are interested in attending our qi gong retreat, please browse our website for more information.