Fighting Strategy of the Tiger Crane Combination Art

The Tiger Crane Combination art is stems from a time of great turmoil in China: a time of conflict and danger.  A time when, for a martial artist, death was a constant threat. Hence it is very direct in its fighting application.  It has never been intended for ‘sports’ fighting. To modern sensibilities its techniquesContinue reading “Fighting Strategy of the Tiger Crane Combination Art”>>

Kung Fu Traditions

Kung Fu Teacher

Chinese Kung Fu is a complex discipline with a long history.  More than just a means of combat Kung Fu has history, traditions, philosophy, ethos and its own culture. It has roots that extend back into the distant past and connect us with a long lineage of dedicated masters. Hence it gives us an identityContinue reading “Kung Fu Traditions”>>

A Brief History of Shaolin

Chinese Kung Fu

Bodhidharma, called Tat Mo by the Chinese, is revered as the founder of Shaolin Kung Fu and Chan (Zen) Buddhism, the source of the tea plant and the first person to introduce shoes to China! Wu Zu a Shaolin History少 林 詠 春 白 鹤 拳 SHAOLIN YONG CHUN WHITE CRANETIGER – CRANE COMBINATIONAN UNTOLDContinue reading “A Brief History of Shaolin”>>

Zen and the Art of Kung Fu

The art of kung fu

Tan Kew Leong, the author’s great grand master, demonstrates the power of real kung fu. Is Kung Fu really the ultimate path to enlightenment?  Many generations of warrior monks spread over a 1,500 year history have certainly believed it to be just that.  So what is the link between Kung Fu, Zen, and Buddhahood? ZenContinue reading “Zen and the Art of Kung Fu”>>