Improve your health and power with this dynamic martial art

Martial arts disciplines are immensely varied, including everything from striking techniques to meditation and exercises to improve posturing. There are even those that incorporate weapons such as staffs and swords to provide a full body workout and simultaneously boost concentration and coordination. Continue reading “Improve your health and power with this dynamic martial art” »

The magnificent surroundings of Mae Hong Son

We aim to offer everyone the Kung Fu and Chi Kung holiday of a lifetime, and are blessed to be able to work in a beautiful area. The Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat is located in Mae Hong Son, a remote province in North West Thailand. This location provides verdant, fertile land which allows us to grow much of our own food and enjoy practising Kung Fu in stunning and serene surroundings. There are few other locations on Earth which host such a level of natural beauty. Continue reading “The magnificent surroundings of Mae Hong Son” »

Enjoy martial arts training in beautiful Thailand

Martial arts are a large and diverse art form. Everyone has different bodies, motivations and characters, which means that each individual person responds to martial arts training in their own unique way. Once a person understands the basic fundamentals, they are able to develop the skills to express themselves uniquely through martial arts and become proficient in every aspect. Continue reading “Enjoy martial arts training in beautiful Thailand” »

How meditation can help your mind and body

Taking control of your own mental state is the first step to achieving complete peace of mind. Meditation is the perfect way to do this. It involves training yourself to alter the way you respond to experiences to produce outcomes that are conducive to happiness and well being, both mentally and physically. Meditation can significantly help reduce stress levels, recognise unhelpful thinking patterns, and help you to become more mindful. Continue reading “How meditation can help your mind and body” »

Enjoy one of our short stay packages

Shaolin Kung Fu, otherwise known as shaolinquan, is one of the world’s most famous styles of martial arts. It conjures up images of Buddhist monks in orange robes training to solidify indomitable spirits and to hone their bodies. It is extremely intensive, requiring a lot of dedication and discipline, and is one of the largest schools of kung fu, covering a number of styles and techniques. Continue reading “Enjoy one of our short stay packages” »