The importance of stretching in martial arts

As we age, our muscles tend to become tighter and less flexible, restricting our movements and resulting in aches and pains. However, stretching can help to combat this and promote stronger, healthier, more elastic muscles. Flexibility is very important when practising martial arts, which is why we incorporate an hour of stretching and active workouts each afternoon at our qi gong retreat. Continue reading “The importance of stretching in martial arts” »

Meditation and martial arts go hand in hand

Along with developing your physical martial arts skills, it is important to train your mind. Meditation is an effective way of achieving this as it helps you increase your focus and awareness, which are essential when learning martial arts. Awareness enables you to stay alert and be ready for every move that comes your way during combat. When you are able to focus, you can spot the opportunities to strike or defend, and when you can remain calm you are able to make the best use of all your skills. If you are tense, it will be more difficult to control your movements and you are likely to burn out quickly. Meditation helps you manipulate your energy for the best performance and results. Continue reading “Meditation and martial arts go hand in hand” »

Support your training with a beneficial diet

When you practise a martial art it is important you get the right nutrition to complement your instruction. This will help you to successfully progress to your goals and enjoy the full benefits of your training sessions. Nutritious foods will help you to build muscle and give your body the fuel it needs to get through the training and advance. Continue reading “Support your training with a beneficial diet” »

Improve fitness and defence levels with martial arts

Prior to the 1970s, Hong Kong cinema was defined by martial arts movies that largely relied on stock elements such as swords and sorcery. The beginning of the 70s saw the emergence of Bruce Lee, who introduced the revolutionary concept of the unarmed kung fu film. The legacy left by Bruce Lee has inspired generations of martial arts fighters, actors and enthusiasts. Over time, martial arts lessons for fitness and self defence purposes have moved into the mainstream. Continue reading “Improve fitness and defence levels with martial arts” »

Devoting your time to martial arts

Martial artists spend years perfecting their technique and learning new skills even if they don’t actively take part in grading or competition. It takes time to become proficient in any of the arts, even relatively simple ones that don’t involve complex strikes. Putting time and effort into learning will pay off. You’ll find learning a martial art boosts your health in many different ways, including improving your stamina, flexibility and balance. Continue reading “Devoting your time to martial arts” »

Good health and long life from Chi Kung

Chi Kung is an ancient art of health maintenance and healing that originated thousands of years ago. It refers to air, life force, dynamic energy and cosmic breath as well as the work that is applied to a discipline. It is based on a series of repetitions of a precise set of movements that are designed to offer specific health benefits on various different levels. Continue reading “Good health and long life from Chi Kung” »

Learning traditional martial arts the right way

The Shaolin arts have a long, illustrious history and have grown greatly in popularity since they became more widely known to people across the world outside of China. They are true Kung Fu, designed to help train the body and mind to respond to attacks with lightning speed, whether you are armed or unarmed. Where some martial arts are intended for competition or demonstration, this is to improve technique, speed and force, all the while improving the health and wellbeing of the practitioner. Continue reading “Learning traditional martial arts the right way” »

Stay safe and confident whilst travelling with our defence courses

If you’ve ever felt threatened or unsafe while travelling, you can rest assured knowing that it is a relatively common feeling, especially when in an unfamiliar part of the world. However, if you have a means of defending yourself and keeping safe, then you may find yourself more confident on your travels. We offer private self defence lessons for those who want the confidence of knowing they can defend themselves, both at home and when they are travelling across the world. Continue reading “Stay safe and confident whilst travelling with our defence courses” »

Shaolin Warrior Programmes for students of all abilities

The Shaolin Arts are among the oldest style of Chinese martial arts, and as part of our many options we can provide you with the Shaolin Warrior programme. Shaolin kung fu hails from the Buddhist Shaolin Temple in China and has been developed over the last 1,500 years. Its rich content makes it one of the most widely taught of the kung fu methods. Combining over 900 techniques in one comprehensive system, it offers the advantage of developing the entire body through consistent exercise. Continue reading “Shaolin Warrior Programmes for students of all abilities” »