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About the Kung Fu Retreat Affiliate Program

Here’s how our affiliate program works:

1. Sign Up

-Anyone can join the KungFu retreat affiliate program. You do not need to be a Kung Fu retreat customer in order to promote the Kung Fu Retreat.

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2. Share with your audience

-Take advantage of our creative inventory such as: videos, banners, and copy examples designed to help you earn the most commission possible with minimal effort

-To earn your commission, all you need to do is start sharing your custom link and/or coupon code that are generated when you register to be an affiliate

-We share tons of resources created specifically for our affiliates to make this super easy for you. And we are always working on creating more.

-We want you to be a successful affiliate, that’s why we are constantly working on developing new resources (link) for you, and we promote a back and forth between our affiliates and our marketing team. We want to hear from you about what you would like to have in order to be the most successful affiliate you can be. Do you have a niche market that you understand? Perhaps you are a surfer, and you believe that you could tap into the surfing market and share with them the benefits of kung fu for surfing but you are not exactly sure how to present that information? Get in touch with our marketing team and we will work together on providing you with customized marketing materials to suit your needs. We can even create specific niche courses at the kung fu retreat, for example we could host a weekend seminar on kung fu for surfers.


3. Leverage tools to help you succeed

-Track clicks, referrals and commissions from your affiliate portal

-A dashboard to track your progress