Cancellation Insurance:
For anyone concerned about losing their deposit as a result of cancellation or losing out financially as a result of leaving early we provide an insurance scheme in order that payments can be refunded. We could just increase our prices so that everyone benefits from this insurance. What we have noticed, though, is that most of our students are not really concerned about insurance, they prefer to get a cheaper price.

Hence insurance is optional. Obviously you do not need to buy it from us – you could buy it from a commercial insurer. In this case do please read the policy wording very carefully to make sure that you are properly insured. If you are concerned about possible loss of moneys already paid, we recommend that you do buy insurance.

How our insurance works:
If booking is cancelled before arrival, any money paid will be refunded, including deposit, intensive introductory course and any goods which have been ordered but not received. Taxi bookings will be refunded if cancelled 7 days or more in advance. The cost of the insurance package is not refundable.

If booking is cancelled after arrival, a refund will be made as follows:
Cost of stay. We will calculate the cost of the stay up to the point of departure, deduct this from the total cost paid and then refund the difference. For example, if you were to book for one month then decide to leave after 3 days we would deduct the cost of a 3 day stay as advertised from the cost of the one month stay and refund the difference. Stays of less than 1 day will be charged as 1 day.


Cancellation Insurance

Cost of insurance package: (per day in US Dollars):


Intensive introductory course:
We will refund the cost of any lessons not taken at $20.00 per lesson.

Medical Insurance.
We do not supply medical, personal accident or other forms of insurance. If you feel that you need this we recommend you buy a commercial travel insurance which covers these areas.

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Our terms & conditions apply to all payments and bookings.  Read more here.