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Nam Yang is a retreat for all who seek for self mastery. We can help you plan your trip with easy to manage payment plans that are customized to your situation, including monthly payments while you’re at the retreat.

Pay Before Arrival

This is our usual payment plan. Very easy. Lock in your stay with a deposit then make monthly payments until your stay is paid for. Contact us to discuss a personal plan that is right for you.

Pay Monthly

Usually we require your stay to be paid for before arrival. If, however, you can show that you will have a source of income while you are here then we can provide you with an open ended deal: pay a deposit equal to the cost of a 3 month stay then just pay monthly at the start of each month.

This option is for people wanting to make long stays but unable to pay a large sum in advance. If this sounds right for you, please contact us, or scroll down to set up a call.



Hi, I’m Michael. I am one of Nam Yang’s instructor team. I can speak with you about your own unique needs and arrange a payment scheme that will work for you and allow you get get out to the Kung Fu Retreat as soon as possible. Fill in your details below and I will mail you to fix up a call.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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