2021 Pandemic Discounts Offer

We are offering huge COVID-19 discounts to help you get out here as soon as possible and start living the healthy life of Kung Fu. We are able to support you with VISA’s and Covid-19 travel options. 

If you take action today, you could be here in 2 weeks time, enjoying the fresh mountain air, where the troubles of the world seem a long way away. 

The following discounts apply to all ‘Kung Fu Lifestyle‘ packages, but are on a first-in, first served basis.

Pay by this dateReceive this discount
Feb 28 202140%
March 31 202130%
April 30 202120%
May 31 202110%

We suggest booking as soon as possible to get the biggest discount.  We are giving these discounts only because of the present crisis.  Please do not think that we will be offering a 40% discount after travel opens up again – we won’t! 

Despite the chaos and disruption in the world, now is the perfect time to take the journey of a lifetime. 

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