200 Hour Teacher Training Students

October 5, 2019
Posted in Student Blog
October 5, 2019 Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat
We would like to introduce you to our incredible 200 hour teacher training trainees. 

At home, Luke’s current job entails teaching in corporate education. He came to Nam Yang, keen to jump into an opportunity to immerse himself into the Kung Fu Spirit as well to deepen his own practice in teaching. Luke is looking forward to incorporating more Chi Kung, Shuang Yang, and Sum Chien into his wellness routines at home, as well to bring the stories and experiences of Nam Yang to broaden the perspectives to his students on what is possible.

Florian and his wife are working on opening a clinic oriented towards Chinese Alternative medicine. Florian is looking forward to expanding his knowledge of Qigong and other aspects of Kung fu, to take to his project at home.

Check back soon as we continue to profile our 200 hour teacher trainees!