Qigong and Meditation for life balance

This is a program unlike any other. It uses the arts, philosophy and knowledge accumulated by many generations of Chinese Masters to directly address the problems of modern western society. It fixes mind, body, spirit, emotion, confidence, concentration and personal power. It is an intense course of study for those who are ready to release the full potential which they have within.

We will begin by using relaxation, stretching, and body awareness exercises to open your meridians (your body’s natural energy channels) and to release trapped energy and trapped emotion. As you get rid of the burdens which you have unknowingly been carrying you will be able to move more easily and think more freely. We will work on your posture as a way to alter your whole emotion and self-image. We will teach you to move smoothly with stability and grace and we will do so in such a way that your thinking will follow. We like to call this ‘embodied philosophy’. It is integral to the ancient Chinese arts that we specialise in. Once we learn to move calmly, positively and fluidly, our mind and our emotions will follow.

Good, balanced health and long happy life stem from healthy, balanced ‘Chi’ (energy) flow. This requires uniting the mind, the body and the breath through carefully planned exercise and meditation. It is the internal organs, not the muscles, which are most responsible for our overall health and longevity so our exercises are strongly focussed on these organs. Chi flows through our fascia (tendonous connective tissue, sinew) hence we need to care for this by keeping it relaxed, elastic and in a good state of tone. Our muscles control our posture and our posture has a surprisingly strong control over our emotion. So we reprogram our muscles so as to hold us in a positive posture which allows our organs to work properly and our blood and chi to flow freely.

Qigong and Meditation for life balance

Our western education puts a huge emphasis on developing the left (logical) side of the brain and thinking on a conscious level which leads to imbalance. The ancient Chinese exercises which we practise - particularly the Sun Frost White Crane internal art – redress this by connecting our conscious and subconscious thinking, our right and left brains, our ‘head’ brains and ‘body’ brains. We emphasise thinking with our whole being and opening up to our innate, incredibly powerful intuition.

This training will enable you to do things which most people go through life never knowing to be possible. We will teach you to feel Chi energy, to see it and to project it out of your self and into another person. We will teach you to get in touch with your own Chi and heal your self from the inside out.

Finally, as you would expect from a course involving meditation, we will teach you to focus your mind, develop your concentration and become fully aware, fully present.

The Buddha famously said "You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection."

Life is not easy. Everyone is fighting a hard battle. To win, sometimes we need a little help. We understand this, so we designed this program to help you.

It is possible to start any day you wish although we recommend arriving on a Wednesday or Saturday. You may stay for as long or as short a time as you wish.


To see in detail what a day on the Life Balance Program involves, please take a look at our timetable.

06:00 Tong Ling Chi Kung Tong Ling Chi Kung Tong Ling Chi Kung Tong Ling Chi Kung Trip to a stimulating local beauty spot to practise QiGong, Sun Frost White Crane Art and Meditation.
07:00 Sun Frost White Crane Internal Art Sun Frost White Crane Internal Art Sun Frost White Crane Internal Art Sun Frost White Crane Internal Art
07:55 Break for Chinese tea and discussion of training, Chinese philosophy and strategy etc. Break for Chinese tea and discussion of training, Chinese philosophy and strategy etc. Break for Chinese tea and discussion of training, Chinese philosophy and strategy etc. Break for Chinese tea and discussion of training, Chinese philosophy and strategy etc.
08:20 Meditation lesson. Chi Kung Face massage. Meditation lesson. Relaxation training to unlock chi flow, calm the mind and heal the body. Meditation lesson.
Meditation lesson.
09:00 Stretch Stretch Stretch Stretch
09:15 Breakfast then free time Breakfast then free time Breakfast then free time Breakfast Breakfast then free time Breakfast then free time Breakfast
11:00 Vein tendon chi kung, Shuang Yang followed by meditation at Mae Kong Temple. Individual meditation. Vein tendon chi kung, Shuang Yang, meditation, pushing hands. Free day for rest and relaxation Individual meditation. Buddhist meditations based around walking, lying, and sitting exercises. Free day for rest and relaxation
13:00 Break. Break. Break. Break. Break.
15:30 Lower body warm up and stretch. Relaxation training to unlock chi flow, calm the mind and heal the body.  Upper body warm up and stretch. Masterclass. Lower body warm up and stretch. Cultivating the breath. Chi kung breathing methods. Humming. Lower body warm up and stretch. Shuang Yang small group training followed by meditation. Join Rotations and Stretching.

Buddhist meditations

18:00 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
19:30 Individual Evening chi kung session.


Qigong and Meditation for life balance

It is easily possible to mix our Qigong and Meditation for Life Balance, Internal Kung Fu, Qigong and Meditation and Shaolin Warrior Programs to produce a personalise program which best suits your individual needs. Our instructors will be happy to discuss this with you on your arrival.

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What our students say about us :

National Geo

The retreat is located – not by chance – in an harmonious place that fills you with its peaceful glow and even a sea dependent, who grew up by the coast and can’t spend one week without longing for the sounds and smell of the ocean (only people raised by the seaside know what I mean), feels completely at peace there! This truly is a life sanctuary that will replenish you with a magical vibration attuned to all living things! There aren’t many places with this vibe. I felt this in the Pacific Islands, especially Rapa Nui and Bora Bora, and both the Pacific and Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat were the only two times in my life when I felt like crying when leaving a place…

(Read more) Natália C. – 3 March 2018


While they suggest staying for a week or more my boyfriend and I were only able to stay for 2 days. They welcomed us in even for this short stay and made us feel just as important as students who were there for months. The training was well rounded, and the instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and all spoke fluent English. Training starts at dawn and is almost all day long which made our two days feel like a week on our body. We felt like we were at a true Kung Fu training camp with bamboo structures, great nutritional food, amazing mountain scenery, and incredible instructors. Everything was better than we expected…

(Read more) Kockununa – 9 February 2018


A most satisfied student here....after learning 'Chi Gong' in UK by authentic Chinese masters I practiced this arts teachings for many years, benefiting in all it has to offer to prepare for Kungfu. What I quickly realised in Nam Yang is that I was doing many incorrect postures causing me pain in the long term. Learning 'Chi Kung' from Master Ian and his team was without question what I needed to truly learn this ancient art. All the team individually helped me fine tune key areas of my life physical, mental and spiritul…

(Read more) Serksta – 1 February 2018


I booked initially for 1 week but extended twice, until I had to return to my country. I never thought i would have such an interesting time. The combination between qi kung, kung fu, strong warm ups, meditations, strechings, weapons, sanda... makes the experience so complete for body, mind and spirit, as they say. It’s a healing place, in any sense, physical or mental. The instructors are one of the most remarkable things of the retreat: since they love the kung fu as a way of life, that feeling is transmitted on the trainings. They are serious with their job, and friendly on the treatment, patient and strict at the same time. The way of teaching is based on explaining the reason why of every movement, so everything makes sense. You find easily the motivation for learning and enjoying, and wanting more…

(Read more) Lara A. – 10 November 2017


Master Iain and his instructors cater for all types of students at differing levels and grades of either internal or external kung fu. I am mid forties and fairly fit yet the retreat in Pai made me feel healthier and rejuvenated in such a small space of time without the usual 'thrashing' or 'beasting' you may have faced in other martial arts / boxing .. why? It was down too the good balance of hard / soft training that was conducted in a mature and intelligent manner - all of which is built on respect for each and every person at the retreat...

(Read more) Chris – 15 February 2018

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