When we set out to design the Kung Fu Retreat, we looked to make all of our dreams about a perfect Kung Fu, Chi Kung (Qi Gong) and Meditation school come to become reality.  We spent many years choosing the ideal location then set about building a full time, residential school with all of the elements needed by serious students and teachers alike.  We have been perfecting

the Retreat over the last 10 years and, although we are constantly fine-tuning and improving, are now close to the ultimate Kung Fu venue.

This is a place where you can live, eat and breathe Kung Fu. 

The Retreat is set on 2.1 acres of land on the side of a mountain spur, bordering the jungle and with awesome views across the Pai river valley to mountains which rise steadily to the mighty Himalayas. In the early morning, when you begin training, the mountains are usually shrouded in mist which gradually clears as the sun rises. Indeed, the sun rises are a highlight of many people’s stay.  The school is built in the local Shan style architecture according to Chinese Feng Shui principles.

The views from the Retreat are truly awesome and all of the rooms are built so that when you walk out of your front door you get the full impact!  Most of our students say that although the pictures look amazing they do not do justice to the reality!

Our kitchen gardens and orchards provide healthy, organic food which we collect and serve fresh.  We specialise in growing herbs.  Whilst we are not able to grow all of our own food we support poor farmers in the hill tribe villages by buying food directly from them at market prices ensuring that they get a good income and we get the best quality food.


Why did we locate here?

Thailand is a great country with a relaxed, happy positive vibe.  This is why it is so popular with tourists.  It is easy to travel to, easy to get around in and easy to get by in English – unlike many countries in Asia!  Very importantly, visas are easy to get.

The Pai valley is an area of incredible natural beauty. High in the mountains, it epitomises the Kung Fu dream of training in pure, fresh air with awesome views well away from the distractions of modern life and the pollution of modern cities. It is easy to grow and prepare healthy, natural food in the farmland around Pai and this allows you to eat the sort of diet which best supports our training.

This area is famous amongst the Chinese for having some of the best Chi in the world. It flows down from the plateau of Tibet, high in the Himalayas towards the lower land to the south.  This makes it perfect for the practice of Kung Fu and Chi Kung.

Pai is an incredible town with a unique culture.  It is massively popular with travellers and has all of the facilities that you might want.  Very easy to get by in English.  A fun town where everyone wants to stay longer.  Pai town centre is less than 10 minutes from the Retreat by moped but cannot be seen from the Retreat because of a mountain spur.

Ideal really: when at the Retreat, you will feel that you are right away from the town but to get there when you want is not so difficult.

The are many fascinating excursions available locally for example temples, caves, hill tribe villages, Chinese tea growing communities, elephant camps, rafting, waterfalls, walking.

If you are going to spend your time and money on the training experience of a lifetime, why not go somewhere truly special?