the retreat

Join us at the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat. Relaxed, constructive atmosphere: leave your ego behind and become part of the kung fu community. Taught for westerners: we understand what you need. Complex concepts explained in clear English by experienced teachers. No need for translators.

Kung fu requires a strong, flexible body. Everyone is capable of getting fit but very few have the motivation to do so. Our mission at the Kung Fu Retreat is to give you this motivation. The desire to attain great kung fu motivates many people to take charge of their fitness and reinvent their whole bodies.

Food in kung fu retreat

We are passionate about our diet. It is the single most important factor supporting our training. We source fresh locally grown organic food and prepare each meal carefully. We are particularly proud of our use of medicinal herbs: many of which we grow ourselves.

Apprentice Instructor

Our reputation rests upon having first class instructors so we train our kung fu instructors hard and use all of our experience to get the very best out of them. If you choose to join our instructor training program you will be joining an elite team who others look up to.

Private tuition

If you are someone who responds best to individual coaching, you might well consider booking some private tuition. You can set your own training program and choose to learn specialist skills. Please book in advance as our instructors are often busy.

Shaolin warrior program

Our Shaolin Warrior Program is a balanced mix of hard and soft kung fu, chi kung and meditation and includes weapons training and sticky hands sparring. It is beginner friendly and suitable for both women and men. We recommend that you chose this one along with our ‘intensive introductory course’.

Immerse yourself in the spirit, culture, ethos philosophy, history and tradition of a real kung fu association teaching genuine, original arts – not mixed or modernised. Go beyond the physical: train your mind, your spirit your character and your emotion.

Self defance Shaolin arts

We teach a full range of response levels from talking someone down to control and restraint, takedowns, incapacitation, fast knock outs and (as a last resort) inflicting injury so that you will have an appropriate response whatever the situation.

Shaolin Weapons

Shaolin Weapons have a fascination for most of the people who come to our Kung Fu Retreat. We teach them in their original forms. The two basic weapons are the Staf and Chinese Broadsword. After that there are a whole range to choose from including axes, spears, daggers and pole arms!

Tiger Crane Kung Fu

Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu is the genuine kung fu which made the old kung fu masters so respected and feared. Developed and refined in the days when life was hard and often short, Tiger Crane Kung Fu has been tested time and again in real conflict.


Kung Fu wisdom says that our happiness has more to do with the quality of our relationships than with anything else – including money! We have created a special atmosphere at the Kung Fu Retreat where people support and value each other. For many, this is the most important element of their experience with us.


Many battles are won or lost in the mind before they even begin. Mastering kung fu involves mastering our minds. In the words of Lau Tze: ‘mastering others is strength, mastering ourselves is true power’. Meditation is where this battle is fought.