Fixing Your Health With Chinese Qigong

A relaxing but focused weekend course in picturesque Monchique, Algarve, Portugal.

Strong, healthy body. Calm, healthy mind. Good, happy life.

About the Course

This is a beginners course, designed specially for people who have not been taught the Tong Ling Qigong system before.  Of course it opens the door to more advanced training. 

It is ideal for people who:

  • Need more energy
  • Are stressed and need to find balance and calm
  • Are prone to illness
  • Have nagging health problems
  • Are interested in alternative medicine
  • Want to develop their personal energy
  • Intend to strengthen their concentration and ability to get things done


If you believe that you fall into one or more of these groups you should join us for these two day of working constructively on your self.  By taking positive action and beginning to practise Qigong you will be joining our expanding ‘kung fu - Qigong’ community, making new friends and steering your life in a better direction.  More sophisticated courses and events will follow.


About the Instructor

Master Iain teaching his class

Taught personally by Master Iain Armstrong, our Chief Instructor and author of Get Your Health Back FAST With Chinese Chi Kung

About qigong

Qigong is a very ancient Chinese practise which exercises body, mind, breath and spiritual energy together in a moving meditation. 


  • enhances vitality,
  • invigorates blood flow,
  • oxygenates the organs – especially the brain,
  • increases mobility,
  • balances energy,
  • focuses the mind
  • calms emotions. 
We have excellent results working with people with:
  • stress,
  • anxiety,
  • burn out
  • frustration.

The course will be hosted at the Karuna Retreat Centre

The Karuna Retreat Centre is a truly beautiful meditation retreat with inspiring grounds and wonderful views across the Serra de Monchique mountains to Portugal’s southern coast and the Atlantic ocean.  Serra de Monchique is known for it’s healing thermal water, medicinal plants, pure air and lush green landscapes.

We offer both residential and non residential options for this course but the residential option is very much recommended.  Rooms are shared between two or occasionally three.  Other than in the case of couples we will never ask females to share with males.  As well as accommodation it includes 6 meals prepared with fresh, organic local vegetables.  Vegetarian or vegan.

By very lucky chance May’s full moon happens to fall on Saturday the 18th so we will be able to practise our special full moon meditation on Saturday night!  😊

Friday May 17. 

Arrive and settle in.  Dinner will be served at 7.30pm sleep early ready for a fresh start in the morning.


Saturday May 18. 

Morning training:

6.00 Talk: an introduction to chi kung, the body’s energy system.

6.45 Practical: the Tong Ling Qigong exercises.

8.00 Breakfast then rest for a little while.  Exploring the grounds encouraged.

9.30 Talk over Chinese tea:

  • Where and when to practise.
  • Clothing.
  • Facing direction.

10.00 Practical: repeat the Tong Ling Qigong exercises.

11.00 Break.

11.30 Talk over Chinese tea:

  • Benefits of the Tong Ling Qigong exercises.
  • How to enhance your breathing by improving your body posture.
  • Questions and answers.

1.00 Lunch then short break.

Afternoon training:

2.00 Talk over Chinese tea: fixing stress and anxiety with Qigong.

2.30 Practical: Qigong face massage.

3.00 Meditation: seating position, posture, breathing, tongue, calming mind – not letting it wander, sinking chi, counting breaths.

3.45 how to improve your meditation.  Relaxation, breathing.

4.15 Practical: repeat Tong Ling Qigong exercises.

5.00 Talk over Chinese tea: 

  • Full moon practise.
  • Questions and answers.

6.00 Practical:

  • Circulating your microcosmic orbit
  • Charging your energy centres

7.00 Dinner.

8.00 Qigong demonstrations.

11.15 Full moon practise.

Sunday May 19.

Morning training

7.00 Practical: Tong Ling Qigong exercises.

8.00 Breakfast then rest for a little while. 

9.30 Talk over Chinese tea: planning a strategy how to how to enhance your life with Qigong.

10.00   Practical: Bodhidharma’s Vein – Tendon Qigong.

11.00 Talk over Chinese tea:

  • Benefits of the Vein - Tendon Qigong exercises.
  • Questions and answers.

11.30 Practical:

  • basic chi projection.
  • Feeling auras.
  • Diagnosis
  • Healing / self healing with chi.
  • Self healing meditation.

12.30 Talk: sinking your chi.  Relevance to health, clear thinking, decision making.  Reminder which exercises help drop chi.

1.00 Lunch then short break.

Afternoon training:

2.00 Practical:

  • Seeing Chi, seeing auras.
  • Strengthening your aura.

2.30  Practical: repeat Tong Ling Qigong exercises.

3.15     Talk about Shuang Yang routine with demonstration

3.45     Shuang yang walking meditation.

4.15     Summary.

4.30     Finish.

Travel By Air:

Fly to Faro.

From Faro the options are:

  1. take a bus to Portimao (need to go to the Info desk at airport and ask about specific timetables, as they change all the time), and from Portimao take a taxi to Monchique (about 30 euros). 
  2. take a taxi to Monchique (about 70 euros one way)
  3. rent a car

Travel By Car:

Centro de Retiros Karuna

Apartado 1 

8550 Monchique, Portugal

Google Maps: Karuna Monchique

GPS location: 37.301188, -8.520400

What to bring (Suggestions only):

  • Comfortable clothing which allows for full range of movement.
  • Reusable water bottle.
  • Towel.*
  • Sleeping bag liner, sheets or similar.  Pillow case.*
  • Camera.
  • Whatever electronic devices you choose.

*Sorry, the Karuna Retreat Centre requires people to bring their own sheets, pillow cases and towels.


Course cost €250.  Includes a hard copy of ‘Get Your Health Back FAST With Chinese Chi Kung’.

Residential package: 2 nights accommodation, 6 meals €70.

Please note that for the course we will invoice in US Dollars for the equivalent of €250.  The €70 residential fee should be paid in cash, Euros only please, directly to the Karuna Centre on arrival.